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Toni Morrell
David Dial

A Tribute to the Legendary Ladies

World famous females of film, stage, television and music, from the 50’s through the 80’s.

“5+ out of 5 Stars” –
One of the greatest nights of theater I have ever seen!” – Shirley Jones

In the tradition of “The Captain & Tennille” and “Sonny & Cher”, the dynamic Husband-Wife team of TONI MORRELL and DAVID DIAL star in “STARSTRUCK! A Tribute to the Legendary Ladies“, a Concert Tribute Show that combines (1) live musical performances of some of the best-loved songs from the American and Broadway Songbooks, with (2) glamorous on-screen video, (3) memorable dramatic, poignant and comedic performance moments and (4) “Hollywood Confidential” type behind-the-scenes stories… all culminating in an entertainment package that pays loving homage to a host of Lady Luminaries of Film, Stage, Music and Television; the most renowned women who were famous or became famous during the 1950s through the 1980s.

This “Tribute Show Like No Other” celebrates a dazzling array of the most unforgettable and talented women to ever grace the World Stage… past and present; not with impersonations (although there are a few), but through the electrifying singing voice, story-telling prowess and quirky English humor of British Singer-Entertainer-Comedienne, TONI MORRELL, along with the additional vocalizations and superb orchestral accompaniment performed and arranged by the show’s featured Musical Director and Multi-Keyboard Maestro, DAVID DIAL.

This captivating and highly entertaining program features an assortment of Special Segments, including:

  • The Immortal Legendary Ladies of Hollywood (The Trail Blazers)
  • “The Women of Pop, Rock & Soul”
  • “Dolly Parton and The Ladies of Country Music”
  • “Elvis’ Leading Ladies”
  • The Parallel Lives of Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana
  • The True Story Behind the “Hitchcock Blondes”
  • “Baby Boomer Dream Girls” (A Sexy music and video montage)
  • “The Divas – Barbra, Bette & Cher”
  • “Over 50 and Going Strong!”
  • “Lucy and The Ladies of Comedy”

In addition, critics & audiences agree that Toni Morrell delivers one of the most powerful, stand-out tributes to Judy Garland ever seen on a stage.

Remembering the Ladies
Toni & David Onstage - with Tippi Hedren & Karen Cadle Onscreen


STARSTRUCK! – A Tribute to the Legendary Ladies“, under its previous development title of “Remembering The Ladies“, directed by celebrity television producer, Karen G. Cadle (Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous; The Whoopi Goldberg Show;) was voted “Best Solo Show in California Theatre” and nominated “Best Special Theatre Event in Los Angeles” by

Audiences proclaim: “☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars” on

Celebs at the Colony Theatre Show
Colony Theatre; L-R: Anne Jeffries, Loni Anderson, David Dial, Toni Morrell, Karen Cadle, BarBara Luna, Tippi Hedren, Shirley Jones, Linda Gray, Kristy McNichol


In 2010 noted British Entertainer TONI MORRELL, along with her husband and Musical/Technical Director, “The Maestro”, DAVID DIAL, joined forces with celebrity television producer, KAREN G. CADLE, as Karen directed the inaugural version of a unique Tribute Concert Show entitled “REMEMBERING THE LADIES”, which went on to win rave reviews, and was hailed “Best Solo Show in California Theatre” and “Best Special Theatre Event in Los Angeles” by

This acclaimed multi-media concert show toured throughout the United States, performing for audiences at such concert venues as the Haugh Performing Arts Center, the Ruth B. Shannon Center For The Performing Arts, the Sturges Center For The Performing Arts, the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (as the Headline Attraction for the Red Hat Society International Convention), the Hard Rock Casino in Palm Springs and the Chrome Showroom in N. Las Vegas and a host of prestigious Retirement Community Resorts to name a few.

The finale performance of “REMEMBERING THE LADIES” came in June 2014 at the renowned Colony Theatre, located in the heart of the Burbank, California Media District. Karen Cadle International produced this sold-out farewell concert which drew a star studded audience. This unforgettable night culminated in a lengthy, ecstatic and poignant standing ovation from such stars as Lou Gossett, Jr., Shirley Jones, Loni Anderson, Linda Gray, Tippi Hedren and Josà Eber.

The reason for the sudden conclusion of such a successful show was the dreadful news received earlier in the year that David had been diagnosed with stage four inoperable throat cancer, and was about to begin treatment the following week after the shows closing. With the unknown facing them, Toni & David had no alternative but to cancel all future bookings and concentrate fully on David’s recovery. With no family within thousands of miles, the sole responsibility as care-giver for David rested entirely on Toni’s shoulders.

Similar to the care received by film legend Michael Douglas, David underwent a series of thirty three radiation treatments combined with three chemotherapy sessions. Unlike Mr. Douglas, David received nourishment via feeding tube, until finally the day arrived when the treatment ended and the tube removed.

It took nearly two years for David to recover strength-wise, with September 2016 marking the 2nd anniversary being proclaimed “cancer-free.” Toni & David were once again able to focus on returning to work and bringing back their beloved show, “Remembering the Ladies.”

Since it was to be a new beginning in so many ways, they began developing new material and segments for the show, leading to a decision earlier this year (2017) to present a new, updated variation of the show. And so, after a three year hiatus, Toni Morrell and David Dial have returned to the stage once again with “Version 2.0” of the original show – better than ever – now to be titled, “STARSTRUCK! A Tribute to the Legendary Ladies.

RED HATS Convention Performance